dog training

Leash Training

It's pretty common for dogs to show aggression during walks when they are on leash. It's not natural for them to be on a leash so this can lead to unnatural behavior. Some of the nicest dogs off leash can get very aggressive at the slightest thing when they are on leash. Obviously for safety reasons, keeping your dog on leash most of the time is always a smart thing to do. Here are some tips to get your dog to stop acting aggressive during dog walks. 

1- "Good Boy"

Or "good girl". Once you notice a dog or anything else that causes your dog to act aggressive on leash, keep walking normal but start praising your dog. 

2- No

If your dog begins to act aggressively tell them no and get in front of them to calm them down. 

3- Turn Around

If your dog still is acting aggressive turn around and go the other way. 

This should start to work pretty quickly. Probably not the first few times, but within a week you should notice real progress. 

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San Diego Weather

Don't worry about rainy day dog walks in San Diego. Extraordinary Pets comes every workday, rain or shine and gets your dog the daily exercise and bathroom break they need, regardless of weather. The only time your dog does not get a normal walk is if there is lightning in the area. When there is lightning we still make sure your dog gets a bathroom break and we spend the rest of the normal walk time working on dog training basics so that your dog gets a mental break for the day. Visit our contact us page for a free consultation.

Thanksgiving for Dogs In San Diego

Your dogs are a big part of your family, but how do you make sure they are properly behaved with a full house of friends and family?

  • Make sure they get plenty of exercise before guests arrive
  • Keep them in the yard or a designated part of the house once guests arrive
  • Make sure you only give them a small amount of leftovers

Get them tired before anyone arrives, so they can relax with a full house. Once guests arrive if they want to hang out with your dogs they can go visit them in the yard or other part of the house where they are. This keeps the dogs in their own area, not begging for food, knocking over small kids or bothering guests that are not big fans of dogs. Keep the leftovers as a treat to a minimum. A little bit is nice but you don't want to clean up dog puke in the middle of the night.

Leash Aggression

Here are some training tips if your dog is showing signs of leash aggression. Leash aggression is when your dog acts aggressive during walks, usually much more aggressive than normal. The best training tip is to carry small treats and give one to your dog whenever you see something that normally makes your dog aggressive. For example if you see a dog barking in a window and that usually makes the hair on your dogs back stand up try to give them a treat before they see the other dog. Eventually your dog will see a dog in the window and look at you for a treat, ignoring the dog in the window. 

Dog Training Tips

The most important command to teach your dog is it's name and come here. Believe it or not most dog owners never take the time to make sure their dogs look at them when they call their name. Practice this skill with your dog and give it a treat when they look at you. "Come here" is much more difficult to teach but a very important command. Train them until they do it without question and add a visual clue liking patting your thigh at the same time while yelling come here. Now that your dog knows it's name and come here you can avoid most dangerous situations in case they slip out of your home or off leash on a walk. Even at a dog park or beach in San Diego situations can easily happen where you need your dog to come over to you immediately. For more information about daily dog walking services just visit our contact us page.

Daily Socializing

Extraordinary Pets provides one of the most important things your dog can have, daily socializing with other dogs. Your dog needs to meet other friendly dogs as much as possible. With daily dog walking services in San Diego, La Jolla, Carmel Valley and Encinitas your dog meets other friendly dogs daily and meets the same friends everyday for small and safe dog walking groups. Visit our contact us page for more information.

Dog Boarding San Diego

If you are thinking about boarding your dog we offer daily dog walking and overnight pet sitting so that your dog never has to leave the comforts of their own home. We come over every workday, get your dog exercise and daily socializing with other friendly dogs. When you go on vacation we can also live in your home while you're gone, taking care of all of your pets and performing light house sitting duties as well. Visit our contact us page for a free consultation.


Dogs need to be trained everyday to be a good member of your family. While we can't all be Cesar Millan daily dog training is easy. Just spend a few minutes during every meal time. Maybe something they already know for breakfast when you're in a hurry and work on new stuff with dinner. Dogs have a quick attention span so keep it short and do it daily to give them some mental exercises and so that you have a well behaved dog. 

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