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Extraordinary Pets has the most experience and highest online ratings of any dog walkers in Pacific Beach, San Diego. We love our neighborhood and we have over 8 years experience of dog walking in Pacific Beach with all 5 star online reviews. Visit our contact us page for the best dog walking service in Pacific Beach to ask any questions or schedule a free consultation. 

Pacific Beach

It's a beautiful summer in Pacific Beach. While it's bad enough that you can't bring your dogs to the beach during the day make sure you contact us so they get the daily outdoor exercise and socializing they need. You can enjoy relaxing or going to the beach when you're donwe with work knowing your dog already had a great day. Special promotions for clients whos sign up for workday dog walking and puppy training. Just click on our contact page above for more information.

Pacific Beach Dog Walker

Extraordinary Pets is doing a special spring promotion for puppies in Pacific Beach, San Diego CA. Whether you have a puppy or a dog that needs daily walks while you are working contact us for a free consultation. Your dog will get daily exercise, attention and socializing so that you can relax at the end of your workday. 

Pacific Beach Dogs

It's winter time in Pacific Beach which is great for dog owners. The big bonus for Pacific Beach dog owners in the winter is that you can take your dogs to the beach and on the boardwalk anytime after 4pm until April. Enjoy the beach during normal hours all winter long. 

For workday dog walking services in Pacific Beach, San Diego visit our contact us page. 

Pacific Beach Dogs

Here are our 5 favorite places for your dogs in and near Pacific Beach in San Diego CA.

Pet Kingdom

We never really used Pet Kingdom for our dogs but our little girl recently got a fish tank. None of the pet shops in Pacific Beach had a good fish department so going to Loma Portal was an easy decision with their outstanding selection of fish supplies. What I also was pleasantly surprised with was how great their prices were for dog products. They have almost all of the dog products we have already bought regularly, but at much better prices. Well worth the drive to Loma Portal during the weekly Target trip. 

Visit their website at

Mission Bay Pet Salon

At Mission Bay Pet Salon & Wash, they are committed to offering only the best in products and offer the best grooming services in the industry. They pride themselves on the thoroughness of their Dog Grooming Packages, the relationships they build with their clients and their dogs and the comfort and cleanliness of their facility.

For more info visit

Grand Animal Hospital

Founded in 1980, since then their staff has been performing veterinary medicine and compassionate animal care in the San Diego area. Grand Animal Hospital is a full-service Animal Hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of quality and compassion in veterinary care for their patients and welcoming, informative, and supportive service for their clients, while maintaining a superior working environment for their employees. Grand Animal Hospital offers the San Diego animal community emergency veterinary services in addition to standard medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care.

For more info visit


Smrtdog provides educational information, based on current scientific research regarding what we know and don’t know about dogs. Our training classes focus on practical solutions for people and their pets.Smrtdog helps owners achieve their training goals.

Smrtdog uses positive reinforcement techniques to provide you with the foundation and tools you need to build a lifelong partnership with your dog based on mutual trust and understanding. Smrtdog offers education on normal canine behavior, prevention of inappropriate behavior, creative problem solving, and humane, positive training techniques. Learning is a continuous process – both for you and your dog.

Visit their website at

Fiesta Island

Only a few minutes from Pacific Beach, Fiesta Island is completely dog friendly. You can take your dogs to the dog park and let them roam freely with other friendly dogs and they can also play in the water. Bring a towel and don't be afraid to let your dog get sandy!

Those are our favorite places for pets in Pacific Beach. We didn't include ourselves on the list, but if you need workday dog walking please visit the rest of our website.

Pacific Beach San Diego

Extraordinary Pets offers daily dog walks in Pacific Beach. Have a nice work day knowing your dog is well taken care of and gets to socialize and exercise with other friendly dogs in Pacific Beach. No more rushing around to make sure your dog gets a daily break. We come over every workday and get them the daily dog walk they need in the afternoon or morning. Visit our contact us page for more info.  

Pacific Beach

Extraordinary pets specializes in daily dog care, dog walking and dog training in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Every day while you're working we come over and give your dog all the daily exercise and socializing they need. Dog walks are always three friendly dogs walking together in Pacific Beach. When you're done working you can relax with your dog knowing they have already been well taken care of during the day. Visit our contact us page for a free consultation.

Pacific Beach Dog Care

Extraordinary Pets specializes in daily dog care in Pacific Beach. We come over to your home everyday while you're at work and get your dog outside for socializing and exercise. All visits are customized based on what's best for your dogs. We never shove a bunch of dogs into the back of a hot truck and sit around the dog park. All walks are limited to two or three dogs depending on what's best for your pet. Click on our contact us page for more information.

Pacific Beach

Extraordinary Pets offers daily dog walking services in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Work stress free knowing your dog is well taken care of and gets to relax in the comforts of their own home. We come over, get your dog in a small friendly group a nice walk and your dog goes home well exercised and socialized with other friendly dogs for the day. All visits customized based on the needs of your dog. Visit our contact us page for more information.