Dog Walker

Why is it important to have a dog walker? A dog walker will give you the peace of mind that your dog is safe, having a nice day, meeting other friendly dogs and enjoying their day while you're working. All of our dog walks are on leash with 1 or 2 other friendly dogs in your neighborhood and you receive an email when your dog is back home safely.

You can come home and relax after a tough day and not have to worry about making sure your dog gets exercised outside not to mention daily socializing with other dogs. We also have special services for puppies so that they are not walking with other dogs until they have all their shots but they get daily socializing with lots of people.

Our dog walking services are also great for clients that work from home. Having your dog stare at you all day while your slammed with work is no fun. When they know we're coming at the same time everyday you and your dog can relax knowing they will get all the exercise and socializing they need during their dog walk while you work from home.   

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