Thanksgiving for Dogs In San Diego

Your dogs are a big part of your family, but how do you make sure they are properly behaved with a full house of friends and family?

  • Make sure they get plenty of exercise before guests arrive
  • Keep them in the yard or a designated part of the house once guests arrive
  • Make sure you only give them a small amount of leftovers

Get them tired before anyone arrives, so they can relax with a full house. Once guests arrive if they want to hang out with your dogs they can go visit them in the yard or other part of the house where they are. This keeps the dogs in their own area, not begging for food, knocking over small kids or bothering guests that are not big fans of dogs. Keep the leftovers as a treat to a minimum. A little bit is nice but you don't want to clean up dog puke in the middle of the night.