Dog Walker San Diego

If you are looking for a dog walker in San Diego Extraordinary Pets offers premium services that are built around the best possible care for our clients. Our services are based on the best care possible for your dog while you're working so that you can relax after a busy work day knowing that your dog already received the daily exercise and socializing they need. 

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House Sitting

Extraordinary Pets offers house sitting services for clients with pets and clients without. We come over as often as you prefer while you're gone and perform any house sitting services you need while you're gone for work, travel or vacation. A house-sitter will come by to bring in packages, check on mail, water house plants, change lights and any other functions you need to make sure your home is functioning properly while you're gone. Our happy house sitters have a trained eye and can quickly take care of anything that looks out of place. All of our pet sitter associates can not only take care of your house sitting duties for your pets but also for empty homes as well. 

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La Jolla Dog Walker

If you are looking for a dog walker in La Jolla, Extraordinary Pets offers services in Bird Rock, The Village and University City.  We provide workday dog walks for every neighborhood in LA Jolla with other friendly dogs in your neighborhood. All walks are on leash for the safest environment possible for your dogs. 

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Dog Walking

Extraordinary Pets offers the very best dog walking service in San Diego. Your dog walker comes over every day while you're working (many of our clients work from home) and get your dog the daily socializing and exercise that they need. Our dog walkers provide premium care for your dog based on what they need. All walks are on leash with other friendly dogs in your neighborhood. 

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The Best Dog Products On Amazon

We searched Amazon for the very best products for your dog with an eye on the pricing, 5 star reviews and popularity. 3 dog products really stood out, here are the very best.

Kong Classic Dog Toy $9.87

Top Review- 

The invention of the "Kong" is maybe one of my favorites (second to air conditioning) and I know my dog agrees. I have a greyhound who suffered a slight bout of separation anxiety after I adopted him from the track. I needed something to keep him busy and get him excited about my departure to work. The Kong is the answer. I'm sure this sounds weird, but I bought 5 of them - one for each day of the week I have to work. Every Sunday I make a combination of oatmeal, non-fat plain yogurt (good for their tummies) and peanut butter. I heat up the oatmeal and add the yogurt and peanut butter while the oatmeal is hot - it creates a really nice combination of delicious things to fill the Kong with ease. I take the Kong, put some kibbles of his dog food in first, then I pour the mixture of items into a large, durable ziplock baggy and cut a hole in the corner. I squeeze a good amount of the oatmeal, yogurt, and PB into each Kong, leaving a bit of space for a milk bone to stick out of the big hole on the end of the Kong. I put all 5 in the freezer and give my greyhound one each day. He gets SO excited when he sees a Kong come out of the freezer, that he runs full speed into his kennel and waits for me. The Kong has kept him occupied for HOURS and because it's frozen, it lasts even longer and he spends forever licking and biting at the Kong to get the goodies out. Dogs need something to do with their mouths. They use their muzzles like we use our hands. A stuffed Kong can prevent so many behavioral issues like destructive chewing or excessive vocalization from boredom or anxiety. Also, Kongs are without a doubt the most durable toy on the market. They last ages and ages. I recommend them to everybody with a dog.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric $26.99

Top Review- 

We saw the CoolaRoo at a local pet store being used by some dogs. They seemed SO comfortable. We went home and found it at Our beloved Boxer Deuce was diagnosed with terminal cancer the day after I ordered it. He was uncomfortable and not resting. The CoolaRoo came in and i set it up for him. He instantly climbed up on it and looked relaxed for the first time since he got sick. He slept on the CoolaRoo EVERY night for 3 weeks till he passed away. Thanks CoolARoo for making his last few weeks better.

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog $11.20

Top Review- 

I received this book as a Mother's Day gift from my sons. I train my dog for competition obedience and they thought I might like to have some "fun" things to train. The book is fantastic! There are lots of pictures and easy, step by step instructions for every trick! I love the way the tricks are categorized as being easy, intermediate, advanced and expert, there are tricks for dogs at every skill level. Also, for each trick the prerequisites are listed, some troubleshooting questions and answers and a small section called 'Build On It' that explains how you can build on, or improve, the featured trick! This book is a wonderful addition to my training library! You'll love it!

Dog Friendly Restaurants

Sometimes it feels good to get out of the house with your dog. While a walk is the usual adventure along with a possible stroll on the beach or a visit to the park sometimes going to a restaurant with your well behaved dog is a nice way to relax. Here are the very best places in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and La Jolla to go to. 


La Jolla Village

When it first opened in 2009, Prepkitchen La Jolla was the first in what would become a string of casual style restaurants from the creative minds behind Whisknladle restaurant in La Jolla. Envisioned as a rebuttal to the “Cook’s Paradox” in which talented cooks cannot afford to eat at the wonderful restaurants they cook at, Prepkitchen’s aim was to challenge that. Inspired by cooks for cooks, Prepkitchen La Jolla serves artisanal, farm-to-table cuisine in a relaxed setting reflective of the coastal resort community. Guests will enjoy a casual, intimate dining experience whether seated inside Prepkitchen’s quaint dining room, outside under a covered, candlelit patio or on the open-air patio. Prepkitchen La Jolla serves lunch and dinner daily, as well as brunch on the weekend, which includes happy hour priced mimosas and $2 coffee.

The Taco Stand

La Jolla Village

A family owned taquería inspired by the taco stands of Tijuana and their adventures along the Baja peninsula. With the majority of their time spent in San Diego, they needed an authentic taco stand experience to satisfy their cravings north of the border. With solid family recipes and a fridge stocked with Mexican Coca-Cola, they opened their first location in La Jolla in 2013 with 2 more on the way scheduled to open in late 2015.

Their authentic taco stand experience features handmade corn tortillas, top grade meats and the freshest ingredients, used to make their guacamole and salsas from scratch daily. Besides amazing tacos and burritos, they also have a great selection of Mexican flavored popsicles, refreshments, imported beer and freshly prepared Rosarito-style churros.

Iron Pig Alehouse

Pacific Beach

The Iron Pig Alehouse serves authentic slow cooked, smoked barbecue. Their goal is to have you experience what it is like to dine in a modern BBQ joint, coupled with an extensive craft beer program to quench your thirst! They serve only the highest quality beef, pork and poultry. Everything is smoked using oak and hickory for hours. The result is melt in your mouth, authentic (and slightly addictive) modern BBQ.

Shorehouse Kitchen

La Jolla Shores

At Shorehouse Kitchen, they have created a menu with only the finest ingredients.

Their espresso and coffee is ground fresh daily. Their drip coffee is made from their own blend of African & Central American Coffee Beans roasted by Calabria Coffee Roasters of San Diego. Their espresso is a 5 bean blend from Calabria, creating a rich créma in every shot.
They even “cold brew” a smooth Kyoto Coffee.

Valencia Oranges are juiced daily for the freshest glass of orange juice around. They only serve free range, veggie-fed brown eggs from Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch. 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup tops off your pancakes or French Toast.

All their breads are delivered daily from Bread & Cie Bakery of San Diego. & while a few of their pastries are also from Bread & Cie, most pastries are baked on the premises by Pastry Chef Sandy Yang. Sandy even bakes their locally famous Sticky Buns and Buttermilk Biscuits daily. 

Dog Walker

If you are looking for dog walking services in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach or La Jolla Extraordinary Pets has been providing premium services for almost 9 years. All services revolve around the best possible daily care for your family. We even have special programs just for puppies to get them used to socializing with people before they are ready to begin meeting friendly dogs.  

Just visit our contact us page for more information. 

Christmas Puppies

If your family is getting a new puppy for Christmas in La Jolla or Pacific Beach it is important you get a dog walker early in your puppy's life. With our dog walking services your puppy will get lots of socializing with people everyday while you're working. Once they have all their shots they will begin daily socializing and walking with other friendly dogs in your neighborhood. Having a friendly and well rounded dog is very important to begin as young as possible. Visit our contact us page at the top for more info. 

Dog Walker Mission Beach

Extraordinary Pets offers premium dog walking services for Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Point Loma and La Jolla. All walks are with 3 dogs or less, on a leash in your neighborhood with other very friendly dogs. We offer the daily exercise and socializing your puppy or dog needs while you're busy working. Click on our contact us page for more info.

Leash Training

It's pretty common for dogs to show aggression during walks when they are on leash. It's not natural for them to be on a leash so this can lead to unnatural behavior. Some of the nicest dogs off leash can get very aggressive at the slightest thing when they are on leash. Obviously for safety reasons, keeping your dog on leash most of the time is always a smart thing to do. Here are some tips to get your dog to stop acting aggressive during dog walks. 

1- "Good Boy"

Or "good girl". Once you notice a dog or anything else that causes your dog to act aggressive on leash, keep walking normal but start praising your dog. 

2- No

If your dog begins to act aggressively tell them no and get in front of them to calm them down. 

3- Turn Around

If your dog still is acting aggressive turn around and go the other way. 

This should start to work pretty quickly. Probably not the first few times, but within a week you should notice real progress. 

For daily dog walking in Pacific Beach or La Jolla in San Diego click here for more info. 


Dog Walker

Why is it important to have a dog walker? A dog walker will give you the peace of mind that your dog is safe, having a nice day, meeting other friendly dogs and enjoying their day while you're working. All of our dog walks are on leash with 1 or 2 other friendly dogs in your neighborhood and you receive an email when your dog is back home safely.

You can come home and relax after a tough day and not have to worry about making sure your dog gets exercised outside not to mention daily socializing with other dogs. We also have special services for puppies so that they are not walking with other dogs until they have all their shots but they get daily socializing with lots of people.

Our dog walking services are also great for clients that work from home. Having your dog stare at you all day while your slammed with work is no fun. When they know we're coming at the same time everyday you and your dog can relax knowing they will get all the exercise and socializing they need during their dog walk while you work from home.   

Visit our contact us page for more information or a free consultation. 

Dog Walker Pacific Beach

Extraordinary Pets has the most experience and highest online ratings of any dog walkers in Pacific Beach, San Diego. We love our neighborhood and we have over 8 years experience of dog walking in Pacific Beach with all 5 star online reviews. Visit our contact us page for the best dog walking service in Pacific Beach to ask any questions or schedule a free consultation. 

Dog Walkers San Diego

Extraordinary Pets specializes in daily dog walking for your dog or puppy. We come over every workday and take your dog or puppy on a safe walk in your neighborhood with 1 or 2 other friendly dogs. Your dogs get the daily socializing and exercise they need while you work. Click on our contact us page for a free consultation or more information. 

Pacific Beach

It's a beautiful summer in Pacific Beach. While it's bad enough that you can't bring your dogs to the beach during the day make sure you contact us so they get the daily outdoor exercise and socializing they need. You can enjoy relaxing or going to the beach when you're donwe with work knowing your dog already had a great day. Special promotions for clients whos sign up for workday dog walking and puppy training. Just click on our contact page above for more information.


With our familiarity of dog friendly places in La Jolla we are going to start reviewing them on our blog. 

Muttropolis in The Village is a pet shop. It seems like with it's location and how nice the store is when you walk in that this place would be overpriced, but to our pleasant surprise Muttropolis has very competitive prices. This might be the best pet shop in La Jolla and the staff is very friendly. Here is there most helpful online review- 

So many fun items and great selection of food, treats and so much more! they also have some really great dog events!

If you are in La Jolla and need a pet shop go to Muttropolis!

If you need workday dog walking in La Jolla visit our contact us page!

Bird Rock Dog Walking

Extraordinary Pets specializes in dog walking in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla. We offer special pricing for workday clients and get your dog out of the house for daily socializing and exercise. All walks are the safest possible environment for your dog with everything always on leash and all walks limited to 2-3 dogs per walk in your neighborhood. Visit our contact us page for any questions you might have.